Council Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

Good Saturday morning!

The latest council meeting minutes and treasurer’s report are available.  Just go to the “Council News” page.

Please pay particular attention to the Pinewood Derby needs, as well as the upcoming West Coast Regional Counselors’ Conference.  The Derby will be held at Bethel Bellflower and the Regional at Sun Valley!

Spring 2016 Update

Summer is almost upon us and it’s bringing a West Coast Camporee!

Our Events/Camporee page provides you information and registration information on the camporee.  So check it out and make plans now.  It is a great way to prepare your RPBs and Guide Trails for the International Camporee 2017.

Our council met last Thursday at Bell One.  This was originally planned to be a webcast with regional locations available, but last-minute changes on the Executive Board necessitated a face-to-face meeting.  You can read the full minutes on the “Council News” page.  In the meantime, a brief recap of the highlights:

  • Per our Constitution, Art. V. Section 1, Matt Gabrielse was nominated and unanimously approved as interim President.
  • Some of next year’s events were scheduled: Field Day (12/3); Pinewood Derby (3/25/17); First Council meeting (9/1) at 1st URC of Chino; and Second Council meeting (10/18) at Artesia Trinity
  • Rocket launch will be held at Lucerne Valley on May 20th and the 21st, with the rocket launch happening on Saturday morning.


Council, Field Day, and Council Workshop Conference Updates

Good day to everyone!

I’ve uploaded the minutes from last Thursday’s council meeting hosted by the counselors of Rosewood CRC in Bellflower.  See our Council page and click on the link.  Also available is the treasurer’s report from that meeting.  Please note several clubs need to pay their bill to Dave Lewis.

The Field Day page has been updated with information for the December Field Day, hosted by the counselors of Long Beach CRC at Valley Christian High.  Please note that parking MUST BE at the Middle School on Dumont.  There is a major SAT event occurring at the high school so no parking at the high school on Saturday.

I’ve created a new page under Events for our Council Workshop Conference.  This is a great opportunity for counselors and their families.  Note that an RSVP is needed by January 15th.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Valley Christian!  “Hooked on Christ”

Training and Workshops

The men discussed upcoming opportunities for counselor training at our most recent council meeting.

Normally we hold two training workshops at each council meeting.  Our council Developers of Counselor Education (DCEs) are responsible for this training, but do not necessarily always lead a workshop.

These workshops are designed to support your ministry as Cadet Counselors.  The subject of a workshop can be virtually anything: badges, leadership skills, time management, counselor helps, etc.  Your DCEs would love to hear from you and what topics you want as a workshop.  Or, if you would like to lead a workshop, just let Bernie or Craig know.  The links to our DCE team is on the “Council News” page.  Just click the link and let them know.

The council’s Executive Board will be meeting this summer.  One of our tasks is to finalize a training schedule for next year.  So we would love to hear from you!

Council Meeting Updated

Council President Gary Evans has provided the agenda for council meeting at Artesia Trinity.  Dave Lewis provided an updated Treasurer’s Report.  We will discuss it on Thursday.

Treasurers Report 4-28-14

Council Meeting Agenda (03-01-14)

Our revised council constitution will also be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting.  A vote will most likely be taken by face-to-face at the fall council meeting.

Smooth Draft SOCAL Constitution 4-30-14

The meeting will begin at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 1st with devotions provided by the host church and a workshop for head counselor certification led by Craig Doty.  A second workshop will be presented.

Artesia Trinity is located at 18718 Grayland Avenue, Artesia, CA 90701.

This meeting sets the tone for next year, as well as wraps up the current Cadet year.  Participation by each club is vital to the health and well-being of our council.  Please plan on attending; carpooling is encouraged!

Council Meetings: Old and New

Minutes are now available from the previous Council Meeting, and the next Council Meeting is just around the corner (Thu Nov 7, at Escondido URC). Here are the minutes in PDF, and here is also a PDF of events throughout the 2013-14 year.

For your convenience, I also paste all of the minutes into this news item, if that is more convenient. Please take a few minutes to read through these and be aware of important discussions that affect the whole council; such as plans for various Field Day events, and Pinewood Derby regulations.


Southern California Council Meeting Minutes


7:00pm, 5 September 2013

Bellflower One Christian Reformed Church

17603 Ardmore, Avenue, Bellflower, California

The first stated meeting of the Southern California Cadet Council in Cadet Year 2013-2014 was called to order at 7:05p.m. by Gareth Evans, Council President and at-large Board Member

  1. Prayer and Devotion. Gareth Evans provided the devotion. Reading from Philippians 1:4-6, Gareth reminded the council members of the importance of being prepared. He tied this devotion to next year’s Cadet them – A Work in Progress and to his workshop.

  2. Counselor Training (Workshops). A single workshop was provided at this council meeting. Bernie led a workshop challenging each to answer the question, “Why are You a Cadet Counselor”.

  3. Announcements

Gary Evans introduced two representatives from a new council member – Emmanuel Reformed Church (Club number 1510). (Later, the board was informed that Justin Grasmeyer will assume the leadership position for this club.)

After a coffee break and refreshments, the Business Meeting was called to order by Gareth Evans at 8:06p.m.

  1. Roll Call. The following clubs reporting counselors attending:





Anaheim CRC


Artesia 1 (inactive)


Artesia Trinity CRC


Bayview OPC



Bellflower Bethany



Bellflower Bethel



Bellflower 1



The Bridge



Bellflower Rosewood



Crosspoint CRC



Chino 1



Anaheim Christ Reformed (URC)


Emmanuel RC



Escondido URC



Long Beach CRC



Oasis Moreno Valley


The River (Redlands)


Hope Riverside


San Diego New Life PCA


Sun Valley



San Marcos CRC


Westminster OPC

Church name in bold indicates H/C attending

Church information in italics indicates club inactive for the 2012-2013 Cadet year

Two at-large council members attended: Gary Evans, Council President and George Bell, Council Quartermaster

  1. Council Board Nominations. Gary Evans introduced this item. The council unanimously approved his election as Council President for a three-year term.
  2. Field Day. The annual event will be held on Saturday, December 7th at Ontario Christian High. Camping on Friday evening will be available with the campus open after 5:00pm.

The question was raised whether the Board wanted to continue offering Compass Reading in light of the increased emphasis on GPS technology. The Board determined that Compass Reading will remain, at least for the near future.

Gary Conrad (Council Congressman and Head Counselor, Crosspoint CRC (Club No. 1531) agreed to purchase three new pup tents for use at Field Day.

Marksmanship remains an event of concern, given the increased number of counselors needed to run this event.

It was recommended that the knot tying badge be made a prerequisite for the knot tying event. This item was deferred to the Executive Board for discussion.

Dave Lewis (Council Treasurer and Head Counselor, The Bridge (Club No. 1520) suggested clubs list all cadets on the registration form and then just cross off the boys who do not attend. It was decided that colored event cards would be used for first-time Cadets since some clubs are having boys enter the program above the Group A level. These cards would identify these boys as being eligible to participate in the Landmarks event.

The November council meeting will focus more on registration processes and event coverage.

  1. Pinewood Derby. Gary Evans introduced the discussion for next year’s Pinewood Derby. The final assignment list will be determined/approved at the next council meeting. The council asked for confirmation for the rotation of three host clubs – Bellflower Bethany (west region), Crosspoint (east region), and New Life PCA (south region). A subcommittee of Paul deVries and Rueben Settergren) was asked to investigate hardware requirements if the council decides to acquire permanent computer systems.

Gary Evans reviewed the decisions made by the Executive Board in reaction to an incident at last year’s Pinewood Derby.

  • Kits acquired from S&W will be provided to all clubs, but without axles pre-drilled.
  • Allow the registrar to interview the Head Counselor in any case where the Cadet’s car workmanship is questioned.
  • Allow the registrar to interview any Cadet whose car is questionable to determine if the Cadet did the majority of the work.
  • Allow the registrar to disqualify any car whose workmanship is questioned.
  • Require Head Counselor certification of all cars entered into the derby by Cadets from his club.
  • No graphite will be allowed onsite during the derby.
  • Require the Cadet to present his car at the registration table on the day of the derby.
  1. Homosexuality in Cadets. The Board discussed the recent decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow homosexual scouts, and the reaction by the Executive Committee of the Calvinist Cadet Corps (published on the CCC website).
  2. Council Constitution. Craig Doty (Council Secretary and H/C Bayview OPC (Club No. 1585) informed the council he was working on revising the 1983 edition of the Constitution. He stated his intention to have it ready for the next council meeting.
  3. Council Rocket Launch. This annual event will be added to the council calendar for a date to be determined in June 2014.
  4. Council Calendar. Craig Doty provided council members with the 2013-2014 Council Calendar of Events. Several items were discussed/confirmed
  • AGI Event will be tentatively hosted by Crosspoint CRC
  • Cadet Executive Director Dick Broene will be visiting our council meeting on January 24th
  • Camporee Certification in April will be hosted by Long Beach CRC
  1. Board Reports
  • Congressmen Report. Provided by Matt Gabrielse and Gary Conrad. Clubs need to have the annual registration turned in by 15 October. It is due to Corps by 22 October.
  • DCE Report. Bernie Gabrielse (Council DCE and H/C Chino 1 (Club No. 1530) and Craig Doty notified council members of our next Southwest Region Counselors Conference to be hosted by the Southern California Council, on 7-8 March 2014.
  • Treasurer’s Report. Dave Lewis presented the financial status of the council. The report will be posted to the website.
  • Quartermaster’s Report. George Bell will try to get extra axles for the pinewood derby cars. Clubs should order prior to Field Day, if possible.
  • Secretary’s Report. Craig informed council members to some changes to the website and noted the approved Council Schedule of Events will be added.

Next Council Meeting: Gary Evans noted the next meeting of the Southern California Cadet Council will be hosted by Escondido URC on Thursday, 7 November, beginning at 7:00pm

He also thanked the counselors from Bell 1 for hosting the meeting and closed it with prayer for the ministry to the boys in our clubs, the decisions and plans made tonight, and traveling mercies at 9:45p.m. Council members closed the meeting by singing the Cadet Hymn.

In service to the King and His Kingdom,

Craig P. Doty

Thu Sep 5 Council Meeting

Calling all Counselors!

It’s that time of year to wipe the cobwebs off your blue binder, and start getting ready for the new Cadet year!

A very very important part of getting ready is attending the first council meeting of the year. Many important decisions need to be made together; it is important for every club to be represented.

Council meeting will be 7p at Bell One, Thu Sep 5.

Note also, the calendar has been updated with what we know about the year’s events. Pop on over to the home page and scroll through and see what’s in store!