Field Day 2012 Results

One day and 264 boys later, Field Day 2012 is in the can. Congratulations to Crosspoint for their 14.618 points/boy club victory!

The results spreadsheet can be viewed here; previous years’ results have also been uploaded to the Field Day Page.

The executive board welcomes your feedback and suggestions! If you have any thoughts on how we can run an even better Field Day next year, drop a comment here, or contact any member of the EB.

Downloads for Field Day

Hello Counselors,

Field Day is this Saturday (with camping Friday night) at Valley Christian HS in Cerritos.

The Field Day Page has been updated with many important documents and forms that you can print out: invitation letter, schedule, entry form, and rules. (Note on the Field Day Page a few corrections I know of to the Rules packet, also the currently-posted entry form says “2011”; a 2012 version will hopefully get uploaded in its place, but the only change would be to change a “1” to a “2”, so the 2011 form can be used this year.)

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, and try to fill out a fairly complete entry form this week, so registration can go smoother on Saturday. (I’m preaching to myself here as well!) If you fill in a couple extra names, it is quicker to cross them off at the reg. table than to write in new names.

David Fieldhouse from Bell has raised the possibility that we may need a different/additional gun waiver, I have uploaded a scan just in case, but I don’t know for sure what is necessary.

Please come back to the SoCal Cadets News Channel later this week to see whether any further information is posted (email subscriptions may take overnight to forward, and we might have more time-sensitive announcements).