Pinewood Derby Pre-Registration

Greetings, Race Fans!

The SoCal Council Pinewood Derby is now just four weeks away! We are going to try to repeat and even improve upon our new computerized tournament structure from last year, and one of the most important lessons from last year’s learning process is that Pre-Registration is critical to a smooth-running Derby!

Any club that will be participating in the derby needs to submit a roster beforehand. We will be able to enter cadets into the system at the derby, but it will take time and significantly gum up the works. If you remember last year’s multiple scheduling re-dos, which had everybody sitting around for a long time, the root of that problem was the time and confusion that resulted from too many cadets that were not pre-registered! So I will repeat,  it is critically important to the success of the derby that we get as many boys pre-registered as possible.

OK, by now you’re probably asking, how can I make sure my club is properly pre-registered and not ruining the derby for everybody else? It’s easy! Download this spreadsheet, fill it out, and email it to me (

There are more detailed instructions inside, but if you have any questions, just email me. If you have trouble opening the empty spreadsheet, I can provide it in other formats, just email me. If you don’t want to bother with a spreadsheet, just email me a list of your cadet names and groups. JUST EMAIL ME. Let’s do this, people!

[UPDATE] Dave raises a great point; the most important tip for filling out your club’s roster, don’t try to guess who will be there or not, just add everybody. It is no problem at all to have extra names in the system, but it is a problem if we have to register boys on the day rather than just check them through.

Minutes from 2/7/13 Council Meeting

We’re going to try something different here, instead of linking to a downloadable document, I’ll put the minutes right here in the post. If you are viewing this in your email, you can click above on the title “Minutes from…” to be redirected to the SoCalCadets website.

Note especially below the new rule for this year’s council pinewood derby; due to Crosspoint church policy, there will be absolutely no application of graphite on church property (including the parking lot), upon penalty of disqualification; graphite may be applied to cars, but only before arrival at the church. Note this rule does not apply to oil-based pinewood lubricants, although there is still the general rule that no car can have so much lube of any kind that it makes a mess on the track. That’s the short of it, read the minutes below for more info:

Meeting started 7:20 PM. (19 present)
  1. Dave D opened with prayer.
  2. Bernie G. Workshop –
    1. Discussed the Boy Scouts and their stand on gays in the scouts.
      1. Talked about supporting them as they are taking the lead on this issue that could affect us in the future.
      2. Discussed the scouts being a group founded on faith and areas that faith is in their doctrine.
    2. Newsletter review
      1. Importance to most of us in order: Our Clubs, Council and finally Corps.
      2. Register by April 30 for counselor convention in Grand Rapids.
      3. Rocket launch at Lucerne Dry Lake bed, open to all clubs.
        1. If you plan to join contact Gary @ Crossroads for exact location and info.
        2. Crosspoint to go out Friday night to camp and launch rockets early Saturday morning.
        3. Trinity is planning to camp at Barton flats then joining the others at the lake bed, then back to camp Saturday night. Contact Bill G. if interested in joining them.
      4. West Coast Camporee – Putney Ranch July 23 thru 27
        1. Registration fee includes all food for entire trip.
        2. Registration form will be posted online soon.
      5. Prayer and Praise section – great way to keep informed on what is going on around the council.
      6. Outing section – Send Bernie G. some of your favorites things to do with your club.
    3. Discovering God’s Word Patch – received if complete 5 Bible badges
      1. Corps website has all the badges that have been updated since the last book release
      2. Proposed to add points at field day for boys that have the D.G.W patch. This will be review by the E.B. and a recommendation sent to council in the future.
      3. the council broke into groups to work thru different bible badges.
        1. Groups presented their ideas on how to work on these badges with their clubs. Main focus on how to make these badges enjoyable and memorable for the boys.
      4. Encourage them to do the bible badges.
        1. use the Bible verse memorization award as an incentive.
    4. Break 10 min.
    5. Roll Call
      1. 1503 – 1
      2. 1512 – 1
      3. 1521 – 1
      4. 1520 – 1
      5. 1531 – 5
      6. 1530 – 3
      7. 1539 – 3
      8. 1563 – 2
      9. 1566 – 1
      10. At Large – Gary Evans, VP
    6. California Counselors Conference – Visalia, CA on March 1st and 2nd. (click here for information packet)
      1. Encouraged counselors to make a point to try and attend if possible.
    7. Executive Board – any one interested in being on the board.
      1. Jim, is stepping down as Congressman.
        1. The size of our council allows for us to have 2 Congressmen.
      2. Encouraged anyone interested in joining Executive Board to email an Board member.
    8. Wilderness First Aid – cost is $110 per person min 10 people thru the Red Cross
      1. Red Cross suggested to certify our own instructor cost is $500.
        1. this would certify the instructor to teach First Aid and CPR classes as well as other classes as they complete these courses.
      2. Decision was made to table action on this till after counselors conference.
        1. First aid is being offered at the counselors convention as a class choice.
    9. Pinewood Derby – Crosspoint CRC to host
      1. Crosspoint Church Policy is No graphite in the church whatsoever
        1. Council discussed holding the event outside so this would not be an issue.
          1. It was decided that an outside event would not allow us to use the technology that we introduced last year.
      2. Discussion was had on banning the use of Graphite on the church grounds.
        1. Motion was mode to ban the application of graphite anywhere on church campus.
          1. Motion include all areas of the church campus to include parking lots and outdoor areas.
          2. Motion voted and Passed
      3. Discussion on adding a penalty of for any one that did not follow new rule.
        1. Motion was made to append previous motion to add the penalty of Disqualification from all races to the rule.
        2. Motion voted and passed.
        3. Final rule change is as follows: The application of Graphite on the day of the Pinewood Derby at Crosspoint Church is strictly prohibited.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate disqualification from any races in the Pinewood Derby.
        4. Note application of graphite can be done at club or residence prior to arriving at the church.
        5. Pits will still be available to repair or tweek cars as needed throughout race. 
      4. Congressmen to notify the clubs in their district of rule change. Jim G to ask Craig D. to contact S.D. clubs.
        1. Also congressmen to remind clubs to pre-register boys to allow a quicker and smooth data entry on day of event.
      5. Bellflower Bethany will been asked to provide one track and the two scoreboards used last year for this event.
    10. Field day recap
      1. Start times being missed.
        1. Use of a better PA system needed at schools that do not allow us to use the installed system.
      2. Shorten  morning evets to allow a break in between  the morning and afternoon.
        1. Allows more times to allow tie breakers
      3. Bill mentioned morning event were moving faster the is year afternoon events were slow.
      4. Marksmanship and Archery need to have badge on shirt to part I spate
        1. Boy will be removed from event if they do not show they can do it.
      5. Schools may start to charge in future years, a small fee may need to be added in future.
      6. E.B. to discuss these items at a future date and bring them to council before next field day
    11. Reports
      1. Congressman report
        1. Corps Chaplin has offered to come out to present and do workshops.
          1. Fee would be involved.
        2. Memo from Corps to order directly.
          1. Motion was proposed to continue with Quartermaster system and not order directly from Corps.
            1. Voted and Passed
        3. Merit badge proposal – see newsletter
          1. Judges badge defeated based on content being to mature for younger boys.
          2. Camp lashing defeated ties to close to knots and lashings.
          3. Biblical tools defeated – too graphic
          4. Amusement park passed – involves lots of physics
          5. Weed and flowers passed – great for Campouts and hikes
          6. Creation defeated – too vague and left to interpretation.
        4. A Video was shown for counselor’s convention in Grand Rapids
      2. DCE Report
        1. See training time
      3. Quartermaster
        1. Order forms available
        2. New Geo-cashing coin available
        3. Out of Pinewood Derby cars at moment orders should be placed asap so new shipment can be made.
        4. Reminder about Archery equipment discounts thru archery for schools program with Genesis. Click here for the nonprofit order form ($111/bow instead of about $200 retail)
      4. Treasure Report
        1. Accounts looking good field day snack bar made almost $1000 profit.
      5. Secretary report
        1. No report sent from Craig
    12. New business
      1. Bill promoted West Coast Camporee
        1. No boy has ever not loved attending this camp out
        2. Let Bill know if you have boys that are interest but you can’t get them there.
    13. Motion to adjourn
    14. Bernie closed In prayer
    15. Living for Jesus sung.