Pinewood Derby Saturday!

Gentlemen, start your engines! Or rather, prepare to take maximum advantage of gravity!

Pinewood Derby is finally here, we’re going to have a great time! Here are some important reminders:

  • Derby is at Crosspoint CRC in Chino.
  • Registration 11-12; DO NOT BE LATE, after we close registration we need to get started organizing all the heat schedules, and we cannot add late checkins or we have to start all over.
  • Car Judging 12-12:30; for design prizes.
  • Begin Racing 12:30
  • Parking will be in the front by the preschool and adminastation office (main Entrance on Edison is the best entrance)
  • Registration tables will be located out side in front by the water feature. 
  • Racing will  be in the fellowship hall.
  • Bring extra money for lunch and snack bar.
  • Don’t forget your cars.
  • No application of graphite onsite! (only before arrival)

See you at the races.


Hello everybody,

We have reached the end of the pre-registration drive for next Saturday’s all SoCal Council Pinewood Derby. Thanks so much everybody for getting your rosters in, it really is going to make a big difference for the smoothness of registration this year.

I thought it might be useful and informative to see a tally of how it all shook out:

Club A B C D E Total
Anaheim 0 10 5 9 2 26
Bayview 2 2 2 0 2 8
Bell Bethany 16 26 28 14 0 84
Bell Bethel 9 21 32 0 6 68
Bell Rosewood 13 26 24 0 10 73
Crosspoint 24 24 16 0 0 64
La Mesa 8 7 6 5 4 30
Long Beach 8 7 6 0 0 21
Oasis 5 6 8 2 7 28
Sun Valley 0 5 5 3 0 13
Westminster 3 2 1 3 0 9
Total 88 136 133 36 31 424

Update: I have received a few more registrations, and some helpful corrections; the table above reflects the latest changes. Please, if any numbers for your club look incorrect, please let me know and I will chase it down.

Note, this doesn’t mean we’re expecting 424 participants at Pinewood Derby; this is more like a roster of all of the cadets in these clubs, which constitutes a majority of our council.

Last Call for Pre-Registration

OK, we’re still stalled at only 6 clubs having pre-registered for Pinewood derby. If your club will be participating, we really need you to get on this. If it’s too much hassle for you to deal with downloading and filling out the spreadsheet (click here for info, click here for the spreadsheet), just shoot me an email with a list of cadet names and what group they’re in. Recall, just like field day, the group definitions are:

  • A: Grade 2 and below
  • B: Grades 3-4
  • C: Grades 5-6
  • D: Grades 7-8
  • E: Adult (Counselors, parents)


Pinewood Derby Pre-Registration: DOIT

OK, pre-registrations are starting to roll in; these are the clubs I’ve heard from:

  • 1518 Bell. Bethany
  • 1521 Bell. Rosewood
  • 1531 Crosspoint
  • 1539 Long Beach
  • 1561 La Mesa
  • 1563 Sun Valley

(And a couple of clubs that are not going to come at all — no roster needed). If your club is going to participate in the council derby, we need a roster beforehand! It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to figure out which of your cadets will be there and which won’t, what we are really hoping for is for most of the cadets at council pinewood derby (say 80%) to be pre-registered. So if a few boys here or there don’t get onto your roster and need to register at the derby, that’s OK; what we’re looking for is a mostly-complete roster.

So I said the 13th before, that’s a Wed, I realize most of us have Wed. meetings, so if you have a Wed meeting and want to take roll call there to help build your roster, that’s OK you can send it to me the next day (Thu 14th). But if you can just remember 3/4 of your boys (and their groups!) off the top of your head, I’d be happy to get just that much.


I SAID, Pinewood Derby Pre-Registration!

OK guys, time for some tough love. Only ONE counselor contacted me about pre-registration (good job Randy Griggs HC Oasis Moreno Valley)! Time is growing very short. Yes, there is less notice for derby stuff this year, but the counselors at Crosspoint and volunteers who will be running the derby need your clubs’ pre-registration, so we’re sliding the deadline to MARCH 13.

If we do not get enough clubs pre-registering by that deadline, then that tells us we don’t have enough buy-in across the council for the whole computerized derby system, and we’ll just go back to the old way (at least for this year). So let’s get those rosters in, so the derby planners will be able to get everything ready to make this year’s derby better than last year (rather than a step backwards).

Today is Monday; most of our clubs have meetings on Wednesdays (because of that verse, “Thou shalt schedule Cadets and GEMS for Wednesday nights”, II Hesitations 4:13). Make a point now to bring some blank paper and appoint one counselor with the duty of filling out as complete as possible a roster of all your boys and all their groups. After the meeting, type it up and email it to me. (Or to save a step, download the blank spreadsheet onto a laptop, bring it to the meeting, and type the roster in directly.)

For information about pre-registration, click here. If you just want to download the blank spreadsheet, click here.

FYI, the nominal schedule we’re aiming for is to open registration at 11 at Crosspoint, close registration at noon, spend 12-12:30 judging for design (and scrambling to generate, print, and disseminate heat schedules), then begin racing at 12:30.

Now get out there and roster up!