Field Day and Treasurer’s Report

The final Field Day report is available on the Field Day page for viewing or download.  The latest council treasurer’s report is available on the Council page.  Clubs are asked to make payment to Dave Lewis on any outstanding balances.

Congratulations to Artesia Trinity on winning this year’s Field Day!

Field Day Winner

Congratulations to Artesia Trinity for winning the 2013 Southern California Council Field Day with an average score (per boy) of 13.222.  The top five clubs are:

  1. Artesia Trinity (1512) – 13.222
  2. Crosspoint (1531) – 10.667
  3. New Life (1561) – 6.833
  4. Escondido URC (1536) – 5.192
  5. Bellflower 1 (1515) – 4.846

The complete score sheet will be posted soon.

Check out the Regional Conference Page

We’ve got some of the workshops identified for the regional conference at Crosspoint.  Check out the list on the Council Regional Conference Page.  And then keep checking back as more workshops are confirmed.

Great news for the regional, our Cadet Chaplain Jim Hoekstra has confirmed he will be speaking on Saturday morning after breakfast.

Locations for upcoming events are finalized!

Our January 24th council meeting will be hosted by Bellflower Bethany.  Cadet Executive Director Dick Broene will present news from Congress, as well as lead in our workshop.  Let’s max out the meeting room and get EVERY club to attend!  The meeting will begin at 7:00pm.

Crosspoint will also host the upcoming Southwest Region Counselors Conference on March 7th and 8th.  More news is available on othe Conference page.  Watch for future announcements of the workshops that will be offered, and plan on attending.

Camporee Certification will be hosted by Long Beach CRC on April 12th.  This is a requirement for any Cadet who will be attending the International Camporee, so plan NOW on your cadets to attend.