Congratulations to the Winning Club

Wel it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out with a slight breeze (unlike last year).

Two Hundred and Thirty-One Cadets registered for Field Day.  When all was said and done, points tabulated and everyone assembled …

Congratulations to the Cadets and Counselors of New Life PCA San Diego for winning this year’s Cadet Field Day trophy!  Well done.

Thank you again to Escondido URC and Calvin Christian High School for hosting this year’s Field Day.

New Cadet Executive Director Chosen

The search process for a new Cadet executive director has come to an end. We welcome Steve Bootsma of Kitchener, Ontario to the position. Steve is an active Cadet counselor and has served on the  executive committee and the Dynamic Youth Ministries board of directors. Please pray for Steve, his wife Cheryl, and their family as they make the move from Ontario to Grand Rapids. We welcome Steve as he prepares to take office on the first of March.


Notes from the Council Executive Board

Gary will present these discussions at our Council meeting on Thursday at Redlands CRC.

Council ConstitutionCraig noted that least 60 counselors voting yes is needed to approve the revised constitution.  Presently less than 30 counselors have registered their votes through the head counselors.

Late FeesThe Board decided that a late fee was necessary to encourage clubs to remit payment for supplies in a timely manner.  Beginning December 1st, clubs will be assessed a 5% fee of the amount owed if not paid by the 46th day after the invoice.  After the 91st day, the club will be assessed a 10% fee and no additional supply orders will be accepted.

Support for Clubs in Kenya and IsraelThe Board desired to align any efforts for supporting Cadetting outside the United States with efforts already being taken by the Corps office.  Corps has established relationships with several churches in Kenya and work through a single point of contact for Cadet support there.  Corps recommends that any support given by Southern California Council (1), be designated for Kenyan Cadets and sent to the Corps office or (2), given directly to the Kenyan council.  The particular contact information is available from Corps.

Executive Board NominationsThe office of Vice President remains open and no nominees from the floor.  The Board discussed various options and determined to open the considerations of a VP to the entire council.  The Board will list all men and provide it to the full council asking the counselors to select one or more men who they feel would be qualified to serve as VP.  The Board would then take any men thus selected into consideration and further discussions.