Minutes from the May 1st council meeting are here Trinity CRC Council Meeting Minutes

Next Council Meeting (Updated)

  • The next Council meeting  will be on August 28th, 2014 hosted by Crosspoint.

Your Executive Board recently undertook a task to update our council constitution.  To help counselors review, the EB thought it prudent to provide the existing constitution for comparison.  This edition was approved in 1983!  Obviously some changes were needed.

SOCAL Constitution 11-29-83

Current Treasurer’s Report (click for PDF)

Executive Council (click to email)

8 thoughts on “Council

  1. Nice work with the new website Ruben and gang!
    Bethany Bellflower is starting a Jr. Cadet program next year.
    Any suggestions?( from trials and errors you may have made with your Jr. boys)

  2. Jim,

    One thing is to have plenty of “hands on” help for whatever project you are leading the young ones in. Have plenty of supplies and be patient! these little ones are just not as skilled yet and it takes a while to get it right, whatever they are attempting to do. The Jr. Cadet program is pretty good and contains some good stuff to use.

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  4. Our GEMS group is also going to start a 1st and 2nd grade program. Some of the “moms” want to make our start time 6:30 rather than 7 considering younger kids and bedtime? Does anyone start earlier than 7? We go from 7 to 8:30 now;leaders usually home by 9.

  5. For the longest time at New Life we did 7-8:30, but as our crowd trends younger, we did get some desire for earlier bedtimes. So our current “schedule” is weird; landmarks at 7, cadet hymn & dismissal at 8:15, but the church is open 6:30-9:00 for cadets that want to be there earlier or later to play dodgeball in our fellowship hall.

  6. Definitely with a younger crowd it is better to start earlier. However at Bayview we begin at 6:45 for two reasons: (1) we only meet twice a month so having a longer meeting time allows us to get activities and BIble lessons in without feeling rushed; and (2) we advertise 6:45pm but that first 15 minutes is really for counselors to get organized and discuss before the main group of boys arrive about 7pm.

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