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Pinewood Derby Pre-Registration

Greetings, Race Fans!

The SoCal Council Pinewood Derby is now just four weeks away! We are going to try to repeat and even improve upon our new computerized tournament structure from last year, and one of the most important lessons from last year’s learning process is that Pre-Registration is critical to a smooth-running Derby!

Any club that will be participating in the derby needs to submit a roster beforehand. We will be able to enter cadets into the system at the derby, but it will take time and significantly gum up the works. If you remember last year’s multiple scheduling re-dos, which had everybody sitting around for a long time, the root of that problem was the time and confusion that resulted from too many cadets that were not pre-registered! So I will repeat,  it is critically important to the success of the derby that we get as many boys pre-registered as possible.

OK, by now you’re probably asking, how can I make sure my club is properly pre-registered and not ruining the derby for everybody else? It’s easy! Download this spreadsheet, fill it out, and email it to me (

There are more detailed instructions inside, but if you have any questions, just email me. If you have trouble opening the empty spreadsheet, I can provide it in other formats, just email me. If you don’t want to bother with a spreadsheet, just email me a list of your cadet names and groups. JUST EMAIL ME. Let’s do this, people!

[UPDATE] Dave raises a great point; the most important tip for filling out your club’s roster, don’t try to guess who will be there or not, just add everybody. It is no problem at all to have extra names in the system, but it is a problem if we have to register boys on the day rather than just check them through.

Minutes from 2/7/13 Council Meeting

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Council Meeting Thursday 2/7

Heads up, Counselors, it’s time again to gather together to do the important business of the council. This is the last meeting before Pinewood Derby! Feb 7, 7pm at Crosspoint CRC in Chino. I’ll post another news item with an agenda when it becomes available. Continue Reading