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Training and Workshops

The men discussed upcoming opportunities for counselor training at our most recent council meeting.

Normally we hold two training workshops at each council meeting.  Our council Developers of Counselor Education (DCEs) are responsible for this training, but do not necessarily always lead a workshop.

These workshops are designed to support your ministry as Cadet Counselors.  The subject of a workshop can be virtually anything: badges, leadership skills, time management, counselor helps, etc.  Your DCEs would love to hear from you and what topics you want as a workshop.  Or, if you would like to lead a workshop, just let Bernie or Craig know.  The links to our DCE team is on the “Council News” page.  Just click the link and let them know.

The council’s Executive Board will be meeting this summer.  One of our tasks is to finalize a training schedule for next year.  So we would love to hear from you!

Quest Update

For those clubs which receive the Cadet Quest magazine, check out pages 20 and 21 of the current edition – April/May 2015. Our Southern California Field Day is highlighted in an article written by 1st URC of Chino Head Counselor Bernie Gabrielse.  Several of our own counselors contributed pictures. Looking good, SOCAL! Continue Reading