2018 Southwest Region Counselors’ Conference Information Available

Check out the Events/Counselors Conference page for up-to-date information and registration for this March 2nd and 3rd, 2018 conference!

Topics include: Dutch Oven Cooking, Leathercraft, Learning the Leadership Guide Trail badge, Computing for Cadet Ministry and more.

Registrations are due to your DCE by February 20th (but if you miss it, you can still come to the conference).  RSVP anyway so we know how many to expect.  After all, we wouldn’t want you not to have meals available for you.  The counselors of Bethel Sun Valley appreciate it.

February Council Minutes / Treasurer’s Report Available

The minutes for the February 16th Council meeting are available on the Council News webpage.

Head Counselors should take note of the latest Treasurer’s Report and remit balances to Dave at the address provided.  If you need a copy of the invoice, contact George Bell and he can provide it to you for what is owed.

The next council meeting will be held on April 27th at a location to be determined.

Don’t forget our next council event is the Pinewood Derby on March 25th at Bellflower Bethany.

Camporee Certification will be hosted by Long Beach CRC on May 20th.

Calendar Updated

Our Council Calendar has been updated with events finalized at yesterday’s council meeting.  Event pages will be updated as more information comes available for the Pinewood Derby, next council meeting (April 27th), Camporee Certification, Council Rocket Shoot and the Cadet International Camporee.

Check out http://www.campelkrun.com/.
Current plans are for a group of SOCAL counselors and cadets to drive to Camp Elk Run.  Plans are to leave on Friday, 7 July and return on the Sunday, 23 July.  There will not be any coordinated air travel for clubs/counselors/cadets wishing to fly.

The Southwest Regional Cadet Conference will be on March 3 and 4 in Visalia.  The counselors in Visalia came up with a cool idea to not have the conference at a Church like we typically do, but to have a campout.  Tents and food will be provided and we will have a campout and bonfire on Friday night and then some training seminars in the morning.  It sounds like it will be a lot of fun so I want to encourage everyone to attend.”
For information on the Regional Cadet Conference, check out the events page and scroll down to the Regional Cadet Conference page.

Field Day is a’comin!

Field Day Entry Form 2016

Sorry for the delay in getting this out to everyone.

Field Day for 2016 will be hosted at Ontario Christian High on Saturday, December 3rd.  There will be a sleepover on Friday, December 2nd.  Clubs interested in spending Friday nigh should inform Bernie Gabrielse as soon as possible.

On Saturday, clubs are encouraged to arrive early on Saturday with registration forms already filled out in triplicate.  One for the registrar (Dave Lewis) and one for the Archery and Marksmanship events validating which boys in your club have earned the merit badges.


There will be a counselor meeting prior to the official start of Field Day (normally at 8:30am).  Please listen for the announcement.

Clubs will receive their event packets from Dave Lewis when they check-in.

Council Minutes are Available

Our council met this past Thursday at First URC in Chino.  The meeting minutes are available on the Council News page.

In addition to the three workshops, the council nominated and elected Jerry Sterk as our second Congressman who will speak for our Council at the annual Cadet Congress meetings.

Other items of interest and note are provided in the minutes.  Please read them and begin preparing now for our annual Field Day in December, and to attend the next council meeting on October 18th at Artesia Trinity.  Calvinist Cadets Executive Director Steve Bootsma will be attending and leading our workshop training.

International Camporee News

Camporee 2017 Update: At last night’s Camporee Steering Committee meeting the budget was finalized and thus the cost of attending the event could be set. $349.00 in U.S. funds is the amount you will be asked for at registration time — less than a year away. Get your fundraising going. If you have some boys or counselors who are interested in attending and the cost of registration is a big hurdle — check out the Cornel Rylaarsdam fund for assistance

Into Her Father’s Arms

Today, at  1:15p.m. our beloved Kathy Door went to join Jesus in heaven.

Kathy served our Calvinist Cadet Corps for many years as Executive Secretary.

She impacted not only my life, but many other people’s lives. She supported our council when we hosted the Counselors Convention in 2010 and worked tirelessly to help create much of the material used by Dynamic Youth Ministries in GEMS and Cadets.

Please remember her husband Jack, her sons, and extended family in your prayers.

Congratulations to the Winning Club

Wel it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out with a slight breeze (unlike last year).

Two Hundred and Thirty-One Cadets registered for Field Day.  When all was said and done, points tabulated and everyone assembled …

Congratulations to the Cadets and Counselors of New Life PCA San Diego for winning this year’s Cadet Field Day trophy!  Well done.

Thank you again to Escondido URC and Calvin Christian High School for hosting this year’s Field Day.

New Cadet Executive Director Chosen

The search process for a new Cadet executive director has come to an end. We welcome Steve Bootsma of Kitchener, Ontario to the position. Steve is an active Cadet counselor and has served on the  executive committee and the Dynamic Youth Ministries board of directors. Please pray for Steve, his wife Cheryl, and their family as they make the move from Ontario to Grand Rapids. We welcome Steve as he prepares to take office on the first of March.