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Pinewood Derby is (almost) Here!

Bellflower Bethany is again hosting this year’s Council Pinewood Derby on Saturday, March 24th.

Registration will be open from 11:00 – 12:00 on Saturday morning. Please do your best to be there on time so we can get the cars registered and the race line up printed as quickly as possible. 

Racing will begin at 12:30.  We will also have a snack shack that will open at 12:00 so please have your boys bring money for lunch.We are looking forward to a great day of racing, but we can’t have a great race without help from our Counselors.  We will need volunteers for the following positions:

Start Line Organizers (6 volunteers) we will need 3 men on each lane helping organize the line so we can keep the races moving.

Finish Line Managers (4 Volunteers) we will need to keep kids away from the finish line (except for those racing)

Also, there will be NO GRAPHITE allowed at Bellflower Bethany.  We are very grateful that Bethany is allowing us to use their facilities and we need to do our best to keep those facilities looking nice. 

We are also asking for you to not use Graphite in the parking lot.  If Graphite is going to be used please use it at your Church before you come to the race.

Registration form is available on the Pinewood Derby page (don’t worry about last year’s date).

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