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SoCal Council Migrates Website! All Rejoice!

Thanks to the generous assistance of PrecisionWeb and Ken Marcus (counselor, Escondido), the SoCal council of the Calvinist Cadet Corps was able to migrate all of their web content to a super-slick WordPress-based website, which is also very easy to maintain.

In addition to static page content like club and event info, WordPress is fundamentally a blogging platform, so the new site can be used as a distribution channel for news that all counselors need to know. Every counselor (with an email address) can subscribe to receive news items in their email, with just a couple clicks. Just scroll down to the bottom of this or any page on this site, and hey presto, there’s the subscription box! All subscriptions.

For the more tech-savvy Cadet Counselor, council news can also be followed through RSS subscription, the link to the feed can also be found at the bottom of the page. If you don’t know what that means, then you are not sufficiently tech-savvy. See email subscription above, or have one of your Group A cadets set up your smartphone for you.

And even the “static” pages are quite dynamic, once you get to know them. The home page displays the calendar of all-council events (for counselors, such as council meetings and conferences, and for cadets, such as Field Day and Pinewood Derby). The drop-down menu of Clubs shows the same calendar, layered also with that club’s particular events, as well as a Google Map of the club’s meeting location (hosting church). Note also, clicking directly on “Clubs” rather than on an individual club in the drop-down, will get you to a map showing the locations of all the clubs in our council. Each marker has a pop-up ballon with a link that will take you to that club’s page.