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Field Day 2018

Congratulations to the Cadets and Counselors from “First URC of Chino (aka Chino 1)” on winning the Field Day trophy with a points-per-boy average of 17.26  The remaining top clubs are:

  • Escondido URC (1536), points per boy = 14.1
  • The Bridge (1520), points per boy = 12.23
  • Anaheim CRC (1503), points per boy = 11.56
  • Redlands (1548), points per boy = 10.72

Sixteen clubs participated in our Field Day: 200 Cadets and 52 Counselors.

Our thanks to the counselors from Long Beach CRC for their outstanding support of our annual Field Day, and to the support staff of Valley Christian High School.

We also want to thank each club and its counselors who arrived early, set up, and stayed late tearing down and stowing all the equipment for all of the events.

The Field Day results are provided here – 2018 CADET FIELD DAY SCORE SHEET

General Field Day Information

Here is the registration form.  Please remember to print out three copies.  One for the registration table; one for marksmanship and the third for archery.


Remember to bring duct tape and a marker for your boys.  The registrar has limited supplies.

Morning events will run from 9am until 12:30pm.  Afternoon events from 12:30pm until 2:30pm

Head counselors must now certify on the registration form each boy having received the Archery and Marksmanship badges
Three copies of the registration form should be turned in at the time each clubs registers

  • Clubs are encouraged to fill out these forms with all boys in the club prior to Saturday morning.  Only boys who do not show up at Field Day need to be crossed off on the copy turned into the Field Day Registrar.
  • The remaining two copies will be distributed to the Archery and Marksmanship events.

Some clubs have older boys that may want to participate in the Landmarks event.

  • Orange-colored event cards will indicate Cadets who may participate in Landmarks, e.g., Group “A” boys, or first year Cadets
  • Blue-colored event cards will be the same for all other Cadets
  • Yellow-colored event cards remain for the Relay Race events

Field Day Results:


This rules booklet is  marked 2011 (note that the pages are scrambled for booklet-printing); The ages for the four groups have been determined by Council (for a few years now) to be as follows:

  • Group A: 2nd grade and below
  • Group B: Grades 3-4
  • Group C: Grades 5-6
  • Group D: Grades 7-8 (9th & up may not complete, but can help out and run in the Counselor footrace)

And it has come up that perhaps we need a gun waiver form. There is a waiver already over on the AGI page, but possibly we could use this one too/instead. More details (and a pdf version to download) when possible…