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Field Day

October 7 2023 Update:

The Revised Field Day Entry Form is provided.  Please read it carefully and complete it before registering your club at Field Day.  Thank you.

April 2023 Update:

Field Day 2023 will be hosted at Ontario Christian High School (931 W Philadelphia St, Ontario, CA 91762) on Saturday, December 2nd.  Further details will be provided here and via email as planning progresses. 


The counselors, families and Cadets enjoyed a near perfect weather day for Field Day 2022.  The chance of rain faded into a beautiful cloud-speckled day with temps near 70.

At the end of the day, Artesia Trinity CRC stood atop the leader board, taking home the Field Day trophy with a per-boy point total of twenty-one points.

Thanks to the staff of Valley Christian for their support, and Long Beach CRC for running the snack shack.

August 2022 Update:

Field Day 2022 will be held on the grounds of Valley Christian High School in Cerritos, CA on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022.  Here is the Field Day Letter 2022.  This should be reviewed with all club counselors before coming to Field Day.  The Field Day registration form is provided here – Revised Field Day Entry Form


CONGRATULATIONS to the Cadets of First URC of Chino on winning Field Day 2020 with an average points per boy of 17.583.

The runners up (second to fifth place) are: Artesia Trinity (12.125), Anaheim CRC (11.857), Crossroads (10.75), and Long Beach CRC (8.55).

There were thirteen clubs present today with a total of 174 Cadets (out of a possible 275).  Seventy counselors assisted in all the events.

A special thanks to the Counselors and Cadets of Crosspoint Church.  These servants of our King took an arduous task and made it look effortless.  All the events seemed to run smoothly and where the events were situated allowed every event to be held with a minimum of spacing difficulty.  

The LORD provided a beautiful day – mid-70s under a cloudless sky.

Speaking of the cleanup efforts, Crosspoint co-head counselor John deVries pointed out “I blinked and everything was done and put away; not just by Crosspoint folks, but everyone“.  Way to Live for Jesus!

The Final Scoresheet is here – Scoresheet 2020

Field Day – April 2021 –

The following are items of note as decided by the council.

  • Hosted by Crosspoint Church on April 17th, 202, 6950 Edison Avenue, Chino CA.
  • Clubs should bring four copies of the completed registrations forms – three for Field Day (Registration table, Archery and Marksmanship events) and then one for Pinewood Derby.
    • Each Cadet will use the same number for both Field Day and Pinewood Derby.
    • If any Cadets come later and attend only the Pinewood Derby, the Head Counselor should add them to the Pinewood Derby registration.
  • Field Day Relay Races will not be held due to spacing concerns and time crunch.
  • Crosspoint will have Frisbee golf as an extra event.
  • Snack bar will be available.
  • Registration form is available on the Council website for Field Day.  Please ignore the year at the top of the form.
  • Field Day will begin at 8:30am with a devotion.  Clubs should plan to arrive in plenty of time to complete the registration process.  The registrar will be available beginning not later than 7:30am.
  • Everyone should bring own masks and are encouraged to wear them even outdoors.  While competing, Cadets may remove the mask if wearing it impedes participation.

Field-Day-Entry-Form The Southern California Cadet Council decided that some events will not be held (notably the relay races) because Crosspoint needs time to focus as host because Pinewood Derby will be held after a lunch period.




Congratulations to the Counselors and Cadets of the Anaheim Christian Reformed Church for winning the 2019 Field Day trophy. The 2019 Field Day results are provided here – Scoresheet 2019 General Field Day Information Here is the registration form.  Please remember to print out three copies.  One for the registration table; one for marksmanship and the third for archery. Remember to bring duct tape and a marker for your boys.  The registrar has limited supplies. Morning events will run from 9am until 12:30pm.  Afternoon events from 12:30pm until 2:30pm Head counselors must now certify on the registration form each boy having received the Archery and Marksmanship badges Three copies of the registration form should be turned in at the time each clubs registers

  • Clubs are encouraged to fill out these forms with all boys in the club prior to Saturday morning.  Only boys who do not show up at Field Day need to be crossed off on the copy turned into the Field Day Registrar.
  • The remaining two copies will be distributed to the Archery and Marksmanship events.

Some clubs have older boys that may want to participate in the Landmarks event.

  • Orange-colored event cards will indicate Cadets who may participate in Landmarks, e.g., Group “A” boys, or first year Cadets
  • Blue-colored event cards will be the same for all other Cadets
  • Yellow-colored event cards remain for the Relay Race events

Field Day Results: 2018 CADET FIELD DAY SCORE SHEET 2015

This rules booklet is  marked 2011 (note that the pages are scrambled for booklet-printing); The ages for the four groups have been determined by Council (for a few years now) to be as follows:

  • Group A: 2nd grade and below
  • Group B: Grades 3-4
  • Group C: Grades 5-6
  • Group D: Grades 7-8 (9th & up may not complete, but can help out and run in the Counselor footrace)

And it has come up that perhaps we need a gun waiver form. There is a waiver already over on the AGI page, but possibly we could use this one too/instead. More details (and a pdf version to download) when possible…