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2022 Regional Counselors’ Conference CANCELLED

The council has decided to cancel the West Coast conference this year. There was a lukewarm response and we were late in getting the ball rolling with the planning of this event. There are some good points from both sides about having it in Southern California and just doing it every other year in Visalia. We will plan on our next West Coast Counselor Conference to be next Spring in Visalia.

Field Day 2021

Field Day 2021 will be held on the grounds of Calvin Christian High School in Escondido (2000 N. Broadway, Escondido, CA) on Saturday, December 11th 2021.  Registration opens at 7:30am with events beginning at 9:00am.  It is recommended that clubs complete all registration materials prior to arrival.  Additional information is provided in the Field Day letter… Continue Reading


The 2021-2022 Southern California Cadet season has begun!  Two clubs (that I know of) had their first meeting on Wednesday, September 1st: Crosspoint and Bayview.  Visitors should check out our Calendar for upcoming events in September. On this Labor Day weekend, pause and give thanks for your employment or the employment of others that you… Continue Reading

Website Redesign and Updates

Happy Saturday Y’All (8/28/21) The Council Executive Board met August 7th.  One of the items under discussion was the council website.  The calendar was easily updated for the upcoming year so please check it out.  The Board agreed to add individual club meeting time/location information to the calendar.  Please send me your club’s meeting schedule… Continue Reading

Into Her Father’s Arms

Today, at  1:15p.m. our beloved Kathy Door went to join Jesus in heaven. Kathy served our Calvinist Cadet Corps for many years as Executive Secretary. She impacted not only my life, but many other people’s lives. She supported our council when we hosted the Counselors Convention in 2010 and worked tirelessly to help create much of the… Continue Reading


Great job to the Cadets of The Bridge (Club 1520)!  Winning the 2015 Field Day and taking home the trophy with an overall per boy score of 14.625. 2nd Place = Westminster OPC (Club 1566).  Points per boy: 14.571 3rd Place = Artesia Trinity CRC (Club 1512).  Points per boy: 11.375 4th Place = Bayview… Continue Reading

Congratulations to the Winning Club

Wel it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out with a slight breeze (unlike last year). Two Hundred and Thirty-One Cadets registered for Field Day.  When all was said and done, points tabulated and everyone assembled … …Congratulations to the Cadets and Counselors of New Life PCA San Diego for winning this year’s Cadet… Continue Reading

Field Day Winner

Congratulations to Artesia Trinity for winning the 2013 Southern California Council Field Day with an average score (per boy) of 13.222.  The top five clubs are: Artesia Trinity (1512) – 13.222 Crosspoint (1531) – 10.667 New Life (1561) – 6.833 Escondido URC (1536) – 5.192 Bellflower 1 (1515) – 4.846 The complete score sheet will… Continue Reading