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Training and Workshops

The men discussed upcoming opportunities for counselor training at our most recent council meeting. Normally we hold two training workshops at each council meeting.  Our council Developers of Counselor Education (DCEs) are responsible for this training, but do not necessarily always lead a workshop. These workshops are designed to support your ministry as Cadet Counselors. … Continue Reading

Quest Update

For those clubs which receive the Cadet Quest magazine, check out pages 20 and 21 of the current edition – April/May 2015. Our Southern California Field Day is highlighted in an article written by 1st URC of Chino Head Counselor Bernie Gabrielse.  Several of our own counselors contributed pictures. Looking good, SOCAL! Continue Reading

Congratulations to the Winning Club

Wel it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out with a slight breeze (unlike last year). Two Hundred and Thirty-One Cadets registered for Field Day.  When all was said and done, points tabulated and everyone assembled … …Congratulations to the Cadets and Counselors of New Life PCA San Diego for winning this year’s Cadet… Continue Reading

New Cadet Executive Director Chosen

The search process for a new Cadet executive director has come to an end. We welcome Steve Bootsma of Kitchener, Ontario to the position. Steve is an active Cadet counselor and has served on the  executive committee and the Dynamic Youth Ministries board of directors. Please pray for Steve, his wife Cheryl, and their family… Continue Reading

Notes from the Council Executive Board

Gary will present these discussions at our Council meeting on Thursday at Redlands CRC. Council Constitution.  Craig noted that least 60 counselors voting yes is needed to approve the revised constitution.  Presently less than 30 counselors have registered their votes through the head counselors. Late Fees.  The Board decided that a late fee was necessary… Continue Reading

Meeting News

Updated meeting minutes from the 28 August meeting are posted on the Council page.  Also posted is the updated constitution for a vote by the full council; due 10/31/14.  Thanks to Crosspoint for hosting! Our next council meeting will be on 6 November, hosted by The River (Redlands). Continue Reading

Camporee Certification Results

Congratulations to the 21 Cadets (Artesia, Bethany, Long Beach, 1st Chino, Crosspoint, and Sun Valley) and four counselors (Crosspoint and Long Beach) who successfully completed the Camporee Certification course. This certification is a requirement for the cadet and counselors wishing to attend the Cadet International Camporee.  The certification covered: First Aid, Cooking, Axemanship, and Shelter… Continue Reading

Council Meeting Updated

Council President Gary Evans has provided the agenda for council meeting at Artesia Trinity.  Dave Lewis provided an updated Treasurer’s Report.  We will discuss it on Thursday. Treasurers Report 4-28-14 Council Meeting Agenda (03-01-14) Our revised council constitution will also be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting.  A vote will most likely be taken by face-to-face at… Continue Reading

Pinewood Derby 2014

Derby 2014 is in the books; and in a good way.  Congratulations to all the boys who competed and to each of the winners. Thank you to all the counselors who ran the derby, especially the counselors and members of New Life PCA for hosting this year’s Pinewood Derby Continue Reading